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Washing Bag

Washing Bag

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Meet the GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag, a scientifically proven solution to prevent microplastic pollution when washing synthetic textiles. In some VIVEH items, we use recycled synthetic fabrics, which can shed microplastics during washing. You can make a conscious choice to reduce the shedding by washing with GUPPYFRIEND. Not only does it reduce fibre shedding and protect clothes but it filters the microfibres that do break, ensuring it doesn’t end up in our waterways.


- High-tech filter material that doesn’t lose fibers itself
- Reduces pilling and protects your clothes
- Size 50 x 74cm

Why do we choose GUPPYFRIEND? Microplastic fibers are particularly difficult to filter out of water. They escape the filter systems of washing machines and wastewater treatment plants and end up in our rivers and ocean. Sadly, fish and other aquatic organisms can’t distinguish these tiny plastic particles from their actual food, which is how fibers from our clothes end up on our plates and ultimately in our bodies. With GUPPYFRIEND microplastic fibers are filtered out before they pollute water.



100% Polyester

Although the GUPPYFRIEND Washing Bag is made out of polyester, it does not lose any microplastic itself. The reason for this is the special structure of the yarn and its properties. The yarn of our filter material consists of a single strand of thread, a so-called monofilament. The yarn is therefore more like a stable stick that cannot unravel and lose microplastic fibres.


Using the bag is super easy. Just put your synthetic or delicate clothes in the bag and wash them as usual at a maximum of 40°C. When you're done, take out the wet clothes, remove the released microfibers from the upper corners, and dispose of them in the residual waste.


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